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Over 60 Years of Experience

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Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Experts in streamlining operations and controlling expenses

Increase Productivity and Service Quality

Increase Productivity and Service Quality

We utilize the latest technology in Labor Management Reporting.


Providing the Best Logistics Management Options, All Under One Roof

American Distribution Inc. understands that logistics companies have to manage a variety of services from pick and pack fulfillment services to warehousing and retail distribution. We have 60 years of experience in refining and improving a wide variety of supply chain solutions and consulting services so we can be the best company for our clients. Because of our experience in the industry, we offer something that other logistics companies cannot

At American Distribution Inc. we offer our clients a wide variety of flexible, cost effective distribution services.  The more complete our supply chain solutions, the better we can control each step of retail distribution and reverse logistics for our clients. We utilize only the latest technology in our full line distribution centers. Annually our distribution centers process more than 230 million units.

Logistics Companies Provide More

Beyond pick and pack services and warehousing, logistics management also requires the integration of technology, tracking services, customer service, and flexibility in staffing and distribution depending on market trends. At American Distribution, Inc., we have placed our distribution centers where they can best serve our clients, large and small. We have integrated retail distribution with warehousing and inventory management so that our team can fulfill your orders quickly and accurately.

At ADI, we also provide reverse logistics management so returned orders are quickly processed, inspected, and sent back to the manufacturer, or re-integrated into inventory. This complete set of logistics management services is what our clients appreciate most, because it means they can choose from our supply chain solutions and consulting services and decide how we can best assist you to grow your business.

Call us today at 201-438-2600 or feel free to use our online contact form to receive more information about our services. Come to American Distribution, Inc., “Where Partnerships are Built.”


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